Formed in 2016, Bloom architects is an established design studio with creativity, sustainability and innovation at its heart. The practice undertakes work for commercial and developer clients, public sector clients and private homeowner clients. The bulk of our services include planning permission and building regulations applications locally and nationally for modern new build houses, residential developments, healthcare buildings and commercial projects. The studio adapts to the project brief regardless of project type or size and frequently provides architectural design services at smaller scales. Examples include modern house extensions, open plan kitchen and dining extensions, loft conversions with dormers, bungalow loft conversions, house refurbishments and self-build projects.

At Bloom, we do not impose a ‘house’ style on our clients or their projects. We adapt to the specific requirements of each commission by understanding and challenging the brief, respectfully and intelligently. We enjoy the process of ‘making’ and work closely with our clients to explore and investigate their ideas. Drawing and modelling are the tools we use to communicate and visualise our clients’ projects. Each commission represents an opportunity for us to create a unique, sympathetic and functional piece of architecture.

‘Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music’

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The image shows a modern house extension with timber cladding

Modern House Extensions

Designing a modern house extension

Finding an architect nearby with a strong portfolio of projects and relevant experience is essential for the success of your project. Beginning a project can be difficult particularly if it is your first such endeavour. Bloom architects guides its clients through the process of planning permission and building regulations approval. Our work includes commercial design for offices and retail environments, healthcare and clinical environments, cultural and community projects and a diverse range of residential self-build, private domestic house extensions, loft conversions, house renovations and refurbishments. We are experienced architects producing designs with our clients’ best interests in mind throughout the lifecycle of a project.

A bespoke glass room extension and seamless connection with the garden

Glass Room Extensions

Designing a glass room extension

Extending houses is a difficult task. Before the design process can begin it is often necessary to evaluate what isn’t working about an existing layout. Poorly conceived existing extensions and modifications reduce the utility of the spaces and therefore, their enjoyment. Integrating additional space with the existing property takes careful thought and a considered approach to design. Each solution is different, this is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Masonry built structures, such as the ones we are most likely to live in are notoriously difficult to adapt. It is important to get the right architect involved, at an early stage to properly understand the opporunities and risks associated with the project.

Balancing utility and function against strong architectural aesthetics is where our expertise can really help. Integrating the external design with the internal layout is at the heart of the design process.

The image shows a modern loft conversion with charred timber cladding

Loft Conversions

Designing a loft conversion

Loft conversions are a particularly effective way to increase space without losing precious garden space. There is a great deal to consider, however, and it isn’t always possible to meet building regulations. A good place to start is to assess the existing attic space and take a measurement from the existing floor to the highest point, underneath the roof, usually the underside of the ridge beam. This measurement usuall gives a strong indication as to whether it is possible to convert the existing space without major re-engineering works to re-design the roof. We are developing a in-depth, loft conversion guide, so watch this space.


Modern house extensions, refurbishments and re-models

House renovations and refurbishments go hand-in-hand with house extensions. It is almost impossible to undertake a house extension without adapting and improving the existing spaces to which the extension connects. At Bloom we specialise in bathroom ideas, kitchen dining ideas and bedroom ideas to help our clients make the best use of their available space. Our home renovations are not just limited to modern houses, either, old house renovations are a fundamental part of our business too.

Solar Photovoltaic Arrays

Modern eco-houses and solar panels

We are committed to creating a cleaner and sustainable built environment. This was an exciting project which involved removing an existing, pitched roof and chimney and install a warm flat membrane roof. The roof membrane manufacturer is called Bauder and they produce a number of flat roof solutions for both new-build and renovation projects. We worked closely with Bauder and their approved contractor Safeseal Roofing Ltd to develop the roofing specification through to installation. The support frame for the solar PV array is purpose-made, fully compatible with the roofing membrane and maintains the roofing manufacturer’s gurantee. Watch this space. . . .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Architect and why appoint one?

An architect is a qualified and regulated professional who designs buildings and internal spaces. Architects use their expertise to undertake consultations, advise clients, develop concepts, prepare feasibility studies, investigate design solutions with clients, prepare detailed drawings and specifications and oversee the construction process to control the outcome and deliver projects to the clients brief.

Architects are accountable for their competence to the general public via the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and are regulated by the Architects Act 1997. An architect must also adhere to The Architects Code: Standards of Professional Conduct and Practice. Architects must carry Professional Indemnity insurance.

Always check the register for the status of an individual pertaining to be an architect. Beware of Google! Due to a loophole, it is possible for anyone to insert the keyword ‘architect’ within the ‘SEO title’ of a webpage. Companies and unregulated individuals who do so are misusing the title ‘architect’ and therefore not providing the consumer protection or competance that is afforded by a genuine architect, which includes professional disciplinary procedures, Professional Indemnity insurance and a minimum of 35 hours professional training annually to maintain registration. Your budget and project are very important, why take the risk?

Did you know? It currently takes at least 7 years to qualify as an architect. A qualified architect has completed a three-year degree (Part 1), a two-year, post-graduate masters programme (Part 2) and a minimum of 2 years professional experience. Passing the final examination, referred to as ‘Part 3’, permits an individual on to the register of architects in the UK.

How much will my project cost?

Although we will be able to provide an indication as to whether your planned budget is sufficient to deliver your desired outcomes, in order to provide an accurate construction cost, we will need to produce a design and detailed plans for a contractor to quote against. The existing building, preferred materials and the quality of finishes will all have implications on the cost of your project. This is even more apparent in the current economic climate.

Once we have discussed your brief and produced a design that you are happy with, we can help to source quotations from trusted contractors or provide the relevant information for you to obtain your own quotations if you have preferred suppliers.

Why do I need an architect?

Benefits of good design

Good design isn’t just about making something look great, it is about designing something thoughtfully that meets the client’s project brief. Considering details such as the orientation of the building in its environment to ensure light is maximised, or the coordination of the structure to improve openness and flow; we design the details to ensure your home is efficient, practical, comfortable and beautiful.

Manage costs

Hiring an architect to produce building plans can help to manage building costs. Although it may be tempting to reduce upfront costs by sourcing planning drawings from a builder or architectural technician, this may end up costing more in the long run. An architect can produce a set of fully detailed building plans to ensure that your contractors can provide an accurate quotation for the works. This removes cost ambiguity, reduces variations and uncontrolled cost risks during the project.

Reduce stress

Our experience enables us to foresee and avoid common issues encountered during construction projects. By fully considering your brief at project inception, we can develop your scheme in line with your priorities and budget to minimise stress throughout your build.

Provide protection

We always recommend using a building contract with your chosen contractor.  Building contracts protect all parties with clearly defined responsibilities. Our contract administration services ensure that everyone involved in the build is on the same page from the outset.

What are Bloom’s Fees?

Due to the diverse nature of architectural projects, we do not have fixed fees. Instead, we ask potential clients to provide key information from which we prepare a tailored fee proposal. Our fees include the time it will take us to develop your design, prepare information, undertake site visits, make submissions and communicate with you in relation to your project.

As a rough guide you can expect our fees to fall into the following ranges for a small/ medium private house extension with elements of re-configuration, internally:

Preliminary survey, concept design and preparation of planning drawings is likely to cost between £1,400 and £2,500.

Preparation of information for a building regulations submission costs between £1,800 and £3,000.

Preparation of full tender information for a Contractor to price costs between £1,200 and £2,500.

Services during construction can be complex, ranging from Contract Administration to regular site inspections and addressing site queries generated by the Contractor and cost between £6,000 and £12,000

We will provide a quotation for these services based on your requirements upon request.

How do I compare fees?

When comparing quotes for architectural services it is important to consider the following.

Are they a qualified architect?

Companies offering ‘architectural services’ are not necessarily practicing architects. As long as they do not use the title ‘architect’, they are well within their right to do so, however, they may not be offering the same service at a comparable level of competence.

Did you know? The title ‘architect’ is protected by law in the UK. It can only be used by a qualified architect who has registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). You can check whether someone is a qualified architect here.

Is this their full-time job?

Some architects, architectural assistants or CAD technicians advertise their services alongside contracted employment. Their reduced overheads may mean they can afford to charge less but their quality of service and attention to detail is likely to be impacted.

Are the scope of the services and the conditions under which those services are offered, clear and comparable?

Architects are required by the ARB Code and the terms of their professional indemnity insurance to have a signed agreement in place before any works are undertaken. Our letter of appointment clearly breaks down the services we will be providing at each stage of your project and the fees associated.

Although we are all inclined to save money where we can (especially in the current economic climate), it is important to consider the value a good architect can bring to your project…

“A good architect actually pays for themselves – more than once. You will reap the reward and the building will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it.” Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

By choosing Bloom Architects, you can be assured that you are always dealing with someone who is appropriately qualified, experienced and insured.

You may wish to check out the ‘Meeting with your architect’ form below, which guides you through the key areas for discussion with any architect you are considering appointing to your project. This free template features questions to help you and your architect get the most from your first meeting.

Core Values


Working collaboratively with every client to create architecture which reflects the project brief, combining our collective imagination and experience.


Creating a sense of place is an enquiry embedded into the architectural design process. Places are fundamental to our culture and enable us to physically interact with history through the built environment.

Net Zero Carbon

Addressing climate change requires architects and clients to speak with one voice toward a common goal of a sustainable future for everyone. Achieving net zero carbon requires a radical and disruptive approach to architectural design.

Modern house extension interiors and kitchen ideas


Crafted architectural interiors and kitchen ideas using the highest quality sustainable materials for modern house extensions and renovations.

Natural limestone slab flooring and underfloor heating system


Natural Limestone slabs combined with underfloor heating creates warm, uncluttered spaces.

Architectural interior with circular rooflights


Architectural interiors that are naturally lit feel brighter, healthier and happier.

Modern house extension with Siberian larch timber cladding


Careful selection of materials in modern house extensions create a sympathetic contrast with existing architectural finishes.

Siberian larch timber cladding


Buildable architectural detailing integrated seamlessly with the architectural design.

Modern house extension structural column meeting structural beam


Structural elements seemlessy coordinated with the architectural design.

Modern House Extensions and Renovations

Technical Articles and Guidance


Bloom architects provided us with end-to-end assistance in developing and overseeing works for a modern extension to a period property. Chris provided significant improvements to our initial idea and sourced the right builder to undertake the works. During the build, support was provided to rectify issues as they arose and the project was carefully monitored at each stage. I’d particularity recommend his expertise for high-end domestic projects where his design skills and attention to detail have played a key part in transforming our property.


Couldn’t recommend Bloom Architects highly enough. Great design ideas to maximise space and light, sound knowledge of building regulations to guide us through the planning process, and an enthusiastic design/work approach. Also always provided a quick response to any queries that arose throughout the project.


We contacted Bloom Architects as we wanted to extend our kitchen. They came along and gave us ideas and suggestions which were very constructive and helpful. The service was excellent with prompt and regular contact, the plans delivered quickly and submitted to the Council for approval. We would definitely recommend Bloom.


Let’s discuss your house extension ideas

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