Bloom Architects is an architectural practice actively working on projects across the North West. Founded in 2016, the practice grew steadily, adapting and rising to the challenges and opportunities presented by the construction and design, industries. The practices has developed a broad client base, which includes organisations such as the NHS and AECOM. The practice also works closely with, and for, several main contractors while continuing to prioritise small scale, domestic residential extensions, renovations and new-build projects.

Bloom Architects’ develops close working relationships with its clients to maximise the potential of its clients’ ideas and aspirations. The practice strives to fulfil its brief and is design-led from the beginning of a project to the end. Its work is not ubiquitous, but tailored to the criteria provided by each client. Using design options, the practice investigates different configurations during the design stages. Naturally, the practice develops a symbiotic relationship with its clients throughout the design process.

The practice actively promotes sustainable materials throughout the design process combined with innovative energy generation technologies. Bloom seeks to reduce energy consumption by optimising the layout, form and built fabric of its projects. The practice achieves this by enhancing the specification of the design, beyond the Approved Documents. The principle being, sustainable long-term outcomes for clients and their assets. This approach increases the capital cost of projects, but reduces operating costs. With a strong academic focus, Bloom Architects is committed to using the latest technologies throughout the process of design and construction.

Bloom Architects work covers a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, retail and leisure, with a diverse range of clients, across the full scope of the RIBA plan of work.

If you would like to discuss a project, please use the contact page on the website and you should receive a response within 24 hours.

About Bloom Architects